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What Sustains Me: A mindful exploration of what matters

A question for you: “What sustains you?"

Like a Zen koan, a question that doesn’t have an automatic answer is an invitation to pause, to check inside, to sense what emerges, and to mindfully explore what comes up. 

proactive mindsetSeveral of us have started writing first-person essays on this topic. In the future, a printed book will gather all chapters. Meanwhile, chapters are being released as they are written (see below on this page).

We want to stay grounded in felt experience - - which is the key word here. We are not trying to describe a specific path, a ‘right way’ to do things, or a ‘correct’ narrative of how it all works out. To the contrary. We are coming at it from different approaches. And we value the 'unfinished' quality that comes from describing these issues while we are in the midst of grappling with them, not knowing how things will turn out. Actually, an implicit assumption of this project is that depth of experience is related to our ability to tolerate the 'not knowing'.

The following 2-minute recording expands on the above text:

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Work in progress:

See completed chapters (dowloadable PDFs).

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What Sustains Me
is edited by Serge Prengel.

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