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Gunilla Blomqvist's chapter for What Sustains Me

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The Magic of Being Human, by Gunilla Blomqvist, is now available as a formatted PDF. This chapter is part of the What Sustains Us project.

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Gunilla Blomqvist is an artist and poet as well as one of the first registered psychotherapists in Sweden, where she counts as the "grand old lady" of body psychotherapy, specializing in psychosomatic illness.

She brought Body Psychotherapy to Sweden from the USA in collaboration with Alexander Lowen in the later part of twentieth century. She was also trained as a Jungian Psychoanalyst in Zurich. She started her career as a primary school teacher, and has written and illustrated books for children on existential topics. She shares her time between painting, writing, client work and supervision, with also space for downhill skiing and dancing and a growing group of grandchildren. She has a special feeling for all human beings, grown ups and children, that are "falling out of the frame" and a strong trust in the continuing evolutionary and spiritual growth of humanity. Website: www.gunillablomqvist.com

Published April 2016

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