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Cracked Open, by Inge Sengelmann, is now available as a formatted PDF. This chapter is part of the What Sustains Usproject.

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Inge Sengelmann is a clinical psychotherapist licensed in Florida and Colorado, a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, and a registered yoga teacher focusing her practice on the treatment of traumatic stress and eating disorders.

She considers herself a mind-body-spirit specialist who believes in the power of creative choice and conscious embodiment. Weaving ancient and modern wisdom, Inge integrates the latest developments in the field of neuroscience with yoga practices to help people embody their lives in a fulfilling way. She was a founding member of Miami’s first intensively-trained Dialectical Behavior Therapy consultation team. Inge has completed a ParaYoga Master Training and has been initiated into the Himalayan Tantric lineage of Sri Vidya. She has taught workshops locally, nationally and internationally on the topic of eating disorders, somatic psychotherapy, and integrative mind-body-spirit healing, and is writing a book about embodiment as a path to healing from eating disorders and trauma. See her website.

Published December 2014

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