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Personal statements: "This is what I'd like you to knw about me"

We are inviting you to make a short recording, a few minutes long, or a short piece of writing, let's say a page. In this short recording or this page, you write something that could have as a title: "This is what I'd like you to know about me."

See examples (video and text) at the bottom of this page.

So what would you write or record? Well, what might help you start is to think a little bit about who the "you" is, "what I'd like you to know about me." Obviously you might say something different if you're talking to your spouse, or a close friend, or colleagues at work... So a simple way to start is to pause, think about that person, and see what you feel drawn to say.

One possible purpose might be something you wish you could do before being hospitalized. Imagine your chart could contain a one-page of "narrative medicine", something that would tell hospital staff, doctors, nurses, anyone who picked up your chart: That you are a human being and not just a bundle of symptoms and a diagnosis.

Or, you might want to write something that tell your children something about yourself that you would want them to know about you when they grow up. So you record it now, when it is fresh.

So you see how thinking about who you're addressing this to might actually help you get a clearer sense of what to say: What is it that they might be missing about me that's important for me to tell them.

If this does not inspire you, there are other possible questions that might work for you as entry points.

One such question is: "What do the people who know me well like about me?" This might be something that you would want people who know you less well to also know about you.

Or: "What do I like about myself?". Or: "What do I struggle with?" Or: "What has been a turning point, a defining moment in my life?" Or: "How, in some circumstance, I rose to the occasion and saw a side of myself that was not necessarily apparent?"... Or: "How I was humbled by certain circumstances"...

So you see where we are going with this. You take a moment to focus on what is really important about you that you want to share. Now, how do you do it? Of course, you can sit in front of a piece of paper, or a computer, or a camera, and write or talk. Or might find really useful is to have a friend sitting across from you and looking at you as you talk.

See examples below. This series was co-created with Susan Rudnick (see bottom link for her video). 

- Robin Kappy's personal statement

- Susan Rudnick 1-minute video

what sustains me


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