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Susan Rudnick: This is what I'd like you to know about me

In this short video (1 1/2 minute), Susan Rudnick talks about how her struggle with M.R.K.H. defined her life. This is part of the series on This Is What I'd Like You To Know About Me that she co-created for this website.

Susan Rudnick, L.C.S.W. wrote about her "secret life with M.R.K.H" for the New York Times. She has been in the private practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in Manhattan for over thirty years. Her interest in the healing power of the therapeutic relationship began during analytic training, and continued through her study of relational and self- psychology. She is passionate about the transformational power of focusing for both therapist and client. She pioneered a focusing oriented drop-in collaborative supervision group, which has been running for several years. She is a published haiku poet. Her memoir Edna’s Gift: How My Broken Sister Taught Me To Be Whole was released in June. Published August 2019.

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